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Identity Driven Micro-segmentation Everywhere You Work

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Unisys Stealth

No new hardware, no new firewall rules, no new application changes! Our government-approved security portfolio defends your data, enabling your enterprise to thrive. Check out our three breakthrough, identity-driven Stealth security offerings below.

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We use micro segmentation to strengthen your security in private and public clouds and deflect threats, so you can confidently expand your business. Stealth uses cryptography to cloak your data and servers from dangerous cyber attacks.

cloud Virtual Machines Public Cloud Virtual Machines Public Azure Users GrantedAccess Public AWS Virtual Machines Threat Contained Internal Rogue User Network Not Visible External Hackers
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Stealth(mobile)™ builds on our identity-driven Stealth(core)™ platform, securing data all the way to your destination server
in the data center.

mobile Users GrantedAccess Threat Contained Unknown App Threat
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Our micro segmentation protects your sensitive data by restricting communication to pre-authorized users and devices.

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Stealth(identity)™ is a state-of-the-art, service-oriented platform that deploys biometrics-based identity management to solve critical national security and law enforcement issues.

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Trust issues? Stealth(analytics)™:  Logical, physical & cyber security and network infrastructure, combined into a rules-based predictive model, identifies potential threats.

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Key Features
Stealth vs. Traditional


Makes endpoints undetectable

Reduces costs by reducing management time and physical hardware

Facilitates software-defined networking

Provides micro segmentation to restrict security breaches

Reduces regulatory compliance scope


Strengthens protection

Integrates with little/no disruption, requiring no rip-and-replace and no application changes

Establishes need-to-know access based on user identity

Works across your ecosystem

Reduces complexity by reducing physical IT infrastructure

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